Mobile Business Conversion Vans can save big money for new and established businesses that prefer to go to their customers instead of trying to attract customers to them.


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The mobile business concept is exploding for service businesses and small retail products. Pet groomers are going to the dogs (and cats), mechanics tune cars in your driveway, detailers clean and polish vehicles at your office, and fashion truck conversion vans bring mobile boutique retail stores to customers, saving them valuable time.

Your business may call for a mobile salon or medical imaging; a showroom for crafts or specialty tools. Whatever it is, El Kapitan will design and build from scratch a custom conversion van to your most demanding specifications, including provisions for power, water, compressed air, communications, office space, storage racks and cabinets, custom floor coverings, lighting and entertainment systems.

Your Mobile Business Conversion Van may be your sole place of work, or an extension of a brick and mortar location. Either way, when you take your business on the road, give yourself every advantage with a custom van conversion designed and built by the highly skilled people at El Kapitan.

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