Dr Brourman

Mobile Office conversion vans are for people who know the value of their time and can’t afford to waste it in long commutes or short business trips when driving – or riding – makes more sense than flying.


Wood desk (Black piano, walnut, or burlwood)

Formica desk

Swivel desk captain seat

Desk drawers

Printer storage

Mounted computer monitor


Executives, investors and entertainers can use every minute efficiently online, on the phone or conducting face-to-face meetings in transit with an El Kapitan Mobile Office conversion van. Take your top team members as a group and discuss the most sensitive business matters with complete privacy.

Sales pros, developers, geologists and other professionals who work in the field frequently can keep everything at hand with desktop, storage space, flat screens for visual presentations, as well as WiFi, satellite TV and internet to keep abreast of breaking business news. This mobile office van can even be set up to double as a hotel room.

Tell us what you need and El Kapitan will hand-craft a Mobile Office conversion van to fit your business image like a bespoke tailored suit.

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