Flooring Options

Custom van flooring is one of our most popular modification requests from van owners who want to upgrade their present vehicles, and is part of every new conversion van we do. El Kapitan installs flooring that is attractive and durable, whether designed for tough treatment and easy cleaning in Gear Haulers, MX Vans and Camper Vans, or to make a stylish statement in a Luxury Van.


Before we install the finished flooring, we put in custom-fitted 3/4 –inch reinforced plywood subflooring, securing it firmly to the frame with screws. This provides extra strength and stability and a solid foundation for seats, cabinets and accessories.

We install marine-grade vinyl flooring in camper vans, gear haulers, MX vans and other installations when ease of maintenance is a requirement. Contemporary vinyl products, such as Lonseal flooring, not only are extremely durable, they also are visually attractive, which makes them a good choice for family, corporate, recreational and industrial applications.

The Loncoin series is our most popular. Its rows of coin-shaped embossing give it an eye-catching decorative appeal, as well as enhanced traction. Another top choice is the embossed steel plate look of the Lonplate series. These products can take a beating and still look great.

For a warmer, more luxurious look, we recommend high-grade, wood-grain vinyl flooring. These high-performance, slip-resistant products are available in matt and gloss finishes in a variety of hardwood patterns and colors, to ensure your flooring will complement the overall interior design of your conversion van.

Our custom van flooring choices also include plush, high-performance carpeting, preferred by many Luxury Executive and Limo Van owners for a softer look and feel that exudes elegance.

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