Van Seats and Beds

El Kapitan is the place for van seats including buckets, benches, recliners, jump seats, captain’s chairs, sofa beds and custom seats in leather, fabric or vinyl for conversion vans.




We install quick-release seat bases in our custom camper vans for added flexibility. Leave them in for people, or remove them quickly to stow more gear.

A swivel head pedestal seat mount allows passengers to face each other for conversations or face outward to enjoy the view.

These 18″ commuter seats are ideal for any camper conversion. Can be placed as individual seats or paired in two’s or three’s.

Luxurious kaptain’s chairs with power recline footrests and six-way seat pedestals.

This seat base lets you turn driver and front passenger seats to the rear when parked for meals and conversation. Can be added to factory-installed seats.

These comfortable and efficient bench seats hold two or more people.

More versatile still is this sofa seat the converts to a bed.

CUSTOM FIT (larger walkway)

STANDARD FIT (smaller walkway)

Three individual power reclining seats with integrated seat belts

Storable panels make a sturdy bed across the van’s full width, firmly anchored on side rails connected to the van’s frame.

Get full use of your conversion van’s space and sleep more people with bunk beds you can fold up and out of the way when not in use.

Comes in 3 individual panels that can either be folded and stored away or raised higher to keep it up and out of your way. This bed is 67″ width and 77″ length and can be made with either a laminate or bamboo top and with your choice of an aluminum or anodized finish.


El Kapitan will help you find the perfect van seats, bases and adapter kits that provide the finest in comfort, performance, flexibility and safety. El Kapitan can recover and remount your existing seats, too.

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